Headquarters,Nagoya Office

Walk: 13-minutes from Nonami Station on the Sakura-dori subway line

Leave the station via Exit No. 3, and immediately turn left at Nonami intersection.

Continue for 100m and turn onto the road running diagonally left from Konarumi intersection.

After a few minutes on the left side of the road you will see a residential area/apartment buildings, and then finally Apita.

Taxi: leave Nonami Station via Exit No. 1 and the taxi stand is immediately to your right.

Bus: Catch the Meitetsu Bus at Narumi Station on the Meitetsu line.) Line. 1-minute walk from Narumi Seito Mae at Meitetsu bus stop.

Walk: 1-minute from “Narumi Seito Mae” Meitetsu bus stop (Catch the Meitetsu Bus at “Narumi Station” on the Meitetsu subway line.)

≪By car≫

From Nonami or Konarumi, follow the signs to the company entrance and then turn left to enter the site.

From Denjiyama, drive through Denjiyama intersection toward Ikegamidai, and then enter the Apita parking lot to get to the company site. 

* Note: do not go toward north at Denjiyama intersection, as you can’t turn right to reach the company entrance.

Tokyo Office

3 minutes’ walk from KAYABA-CHO Station on Tokyo Metro Tozai Line/Hibiya Line.

From KAYABA-CHO Station, Exit no. 3 towards Kita-senju/Nishi-funabashi. Walk straight across Reigan-bashi Bridge and turn right just before "VELOCE" cafe. Shinkawa Sanko Building will be right in front and our office is located on the 6th floor.

* Please be advised that the building has no parking for visitors.  

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