Environmental Policy

Preservation of the global environment is the most important common issue in human society. The head plant of Narumi Corporation gives comprehensive consideration to environmental preservation and other global environmental issues, and implements corporate activities to meet the challenges of a recycling society.

Action Guidelines

  • Understand the impact that activities, products, and services at our head plant have on the environment, construct a suitable environment management system compliant with ISO14001, set environmental goals and environmental targets, and perform regular reviews and continuous improvements for environmental preservation.
  • Adhere to laws and ordinances related to environmental preservation, as well as other requests that have been agreed to.
  • Strive to prevent pollution of the atmosphere, soil, and water, with the goal of coexisting with the local community.
  • Promote energy conservation, resource conservation, and recycling, and strive to introduce technologies to curtail industrial waste and reduce environmental load.
  • Adhere to laws and regulations as well as customer requests regarding the management of hazardous chemical substances in products and materials.
  • Provide this environmental policy in writing for all personnel who work at/for the head plant, to improve awareness related to environmental preservation.

Established: 1 September 2003

Revised: 1 November 2005

Ken Fujie


Narumi Corporation

Global Warming Program

2010 Environmental Report

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