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This website is managed by Narumi. Although this website can be accessed from various countries around the world governed by different laws, both Narumi and the users who access this website shall be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of the city of Nagoya regarding the use of this website.

Narumi makes no statement or indication regarding the appropriateness of the content appearing on this website within the environment from which it is being accessed. Access to this website is based on the free choice and will of the accessing party, and all responsibility regarding the use of this website shall remain with the accessing party.

The Nagoya District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes regarding the use of this website, unless stipulated otherwise.

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Please contact Narumi if you wish to create a link to this website.

  • Links should be directed to the top page (either or,
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  • Please type the label. Use of logos requires approval in advance.

However, please refrain from creating links to this website if any of the following conditions apply or are likely to apply:

  • Links from websites including content that damages/defames Narumi or Narumi products and services,
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  • Links from websites that include unlawful information
  • Links from websites that include unlawful information
  • Links from websites that include content offensive to public order, morality, or social ethics Frame links, image links, and other such links where the information of this website is unclear (Links should be created so that this website appears within the entire frame of the browser window,or within the entire frame of a newly opening browser window.)
  • Links that generate the misconception of affiliation or cooperative ties with Narumi,
  • or the misconception of Narumi’s acknowledgement of or support for the source website

Narumi shall reserve the right to request modification or deletion of any link to this website, even if the above conditions do not apply. Furthermore, the URL of this website might be modified or deleted without prior notice.

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