A Variety of Industrial Device

The Charm and Versatility of Bone China

In 1962, the Narumi Corporation established a tie-up with Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. and successfully developed “NeoCeram”. NeoCeram is a form of crystallized glass with super heat resistance, and is produced by heating glass with a specific composition and then separating out fine crystals, which have an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion.

One of the characteristics of NeoCeram is its resistance to heat, due to an extremely low expansion coefficient. It also has superior mechanical strength, resulting in a wide range of uses in the inner wall material of electric furnaces for burning, such as the top plate for IH cooking heaters (electromagnetic cooking equipment) and kitchen appliances, the glass front on gas and oil stoves, plasma display panel (PDP) boards for flat-panel televisions. Our decorative technology for ceramics is particularly appreciated worldwide for the top plates of IH cooking heaters built in to kitchen systems; we have the major share of this market in Japan.

Lighting Fixtures

These lighting fixtures take advantage of the translucent properties of Bone China. Lamps that give off soft light create a soothing atmosphere for interior design. Narumi’s advanced shaping and firing technology allows the free development of unique forms.

Functional Components

Over many years we have achieved the highest levels of dimensional precision through our production know-how and rigorous quality management.

We strive to create immaculately designed, highly functional, and high-quality finished products with the warmth and beauty of Bone China material, but still remember the aesthetic properties of each individually hand-made item.

Toiletry Items

Narumi’s molding and firing technologies, combined with flexible decorating technology and the smooth texture of Bone China material all add up to bring, comfort and pleasure to your daily life

Residential Building Products

Noble texture and surface sheen are inherent in bone china.Our technological capabilities developed over many years enable us to beautifully render delicate relief.Narumi’s high-level capabilities of designing and its reproduction, as well as its transfer technology and decorating technology, create a world of art.The excellent coloring only attainable by fritted glaze beautifully reproduces decorated products with vibrant colors.

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