Industrial Device

The secret to the deceptive strength of the sturdy yet thin and delicate Narumi Bone China is found in its elaborate crystal structure; both the strength of the material and the content of bone ash keep it ranked number one in the world. It exhibits a faint, beautiful translucency, with a warm ivory white color and smooth surface sheen, and when decorated adds vibrancy and brightness to the artist’s pallet of colors. This material, with its many attractive attributes is highly valued throughout the world for its unrivaled beauty. Narumi makes full use of all these qualities to produce an exceptional range of interior products and functional components.

Narumi’s casting know-how allows the creation of an extraordinary variety of shapes.

Pot-type casting (slip casting)

The mold is first filled with slip, and then later the slip is removed.


Duplex casting (high-pressure casting)

The slip is injected between the top and bottom plaster molds, and then the molds are removed.



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