Privacy Policy

This website is operated by Narumi Corporation (hereinafter “Narumi”). Narumi pays careful attention to the protection of information related to customer privacy. To this effect, we have stipulated the following standards, based on the “Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information Related to Electronic Data Processing in the Private Sector” published by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Ministry of International Trade and Industry Announcement No. 98, March 4, 1997), and are committed to further improve the quality of their implementation and control.

  • When using this website, customers shall not normally be required to provide personal information such as their name or address.
  • Narumi shall appropriately control any personal information submitted by customers, within reasonable bounds. Narumi shall also strive to protect customer personal information against unauthorized external access through the implementation of an appropriate and reasonable level of security measures.
  • Narumi shall appropriately control customer personal information, and shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party unless one or more of the following conditions apply:
    ・When consent and/or approval has been received from the customer in advance
    ・When disclosure is required by law
    ・When disclosed in a manner where personal identification is not possible
    ・When Narumi is required to disclose and/or provide information to subcontractors

    In such cases, subcontractors shall be required to appropriately control customer personal information.

  • Narumi shall periodically email useful information to customers regarding products or website services. Such email notifications shall be halted upon request from the customer.
  • Narumi shall promptly respond to customer requests to view, confirm, or modify their own personal information, within reasonable bounds.
  • Narumi shall comply with laws applicable to customer personal information, and shall modify the above standards as necessary.

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