Narumi Bone China

According to the British Standard Institution, Bone China must contain at least 35% of bone ash to be ,called as ‘Bone China.’ Bone China was first developed in Britain at the end of the 18th Century. Ever since, it has captivated people all over the world. including the loyal Royal families in Europe, with its high level s of whiteness and translucency, and has established its permanent position as the finest and most prestigious chinaware.

Main Features of the Narumi Bone China

(1) Making you experience its unsurpassed luster and whiteness as well as superior translucency that showing silhouettes behind through the bodies when back lit.

(2) Creating unique and complex shapes and sizes with highly skilled craftsmanship. Our In-house designers make custom-made shapes and patterns to meet your special needs.

(3) Employing high-density crystallized bodies that withstand considerable shock and heavy usage. This feature demonstrates the suitability for the hotel and restaurant industry.

(4) Manufacturing the products at fully integrated factories 100% owned by Narumi Corporation.

(5) Owning the in-house printing facilities of the decal papers. Plaques with the reproductions of the famous painters’ masterpieces created with Narumi’s decal printing technology have been internationally recognized.

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