2024 New Collection

Calming colors, soft shapes,

comfortable curves and organic touch – At the base of today’s design trend is“Being connected to nature.”
People are increasingly coming to appreciate things that are natural and essential.

NARUMI captures “MOMENTS” created by the natural flow of time and presents those unique moments on our dinnerware.

By using distinctive glazes and decoration techniques, we present the beauty that can be enjoyed visually.


Primrose is a new professional dinnerware collection inspired by the yellow flowers from which it takes its name.

Each piece bears an abstract pattern that encapsulates early spring, with pale background colours representing the flowers’ various delicate hues.

The plate is adorned with a white embossment that symbolises the melting of spring snow, with pearlescent hues shining under the light, much like primroses peeking through.

Just as melting snow looks different depending on the weather and time lapse, the plate changes its expression by angle and under different lighting.


The design motif is dyeing, which has been deeply rooted in Japanese people’s lives since ancient times.

The textures and complex hues of dyeing, whose colors deepen with each exposure to air during the manufacturing process, are expressed in delicate and soft shades of color.


Textured pattern with a color glaze background.

The pattern motif is “penetration” that is often seen in traditional pottery.

The cracking pattern is designed to look irregular and organic, and changes its expression depending on lighting. It gives an interesting twist to the dish.

Chiliad (ˈkɪlɪad)

Textured pattern with a color glaze background. The pattern motif is washi, traditional Japanese paper.
It represents how fibers are intricately intertwined with each other.

Chiliad is an English word meaning a thousand years, derived from Latin.
It is a name to imply the long history of how the washi techniques have been handed down over the years.


The sun shines brightly to nurture creatures on earth; the moon sheds pure light in darkness, along with twinkling stars that fill the sky.
The luminous lights in the universe are the inspirations of this collection.

The pearl colors are elegantly laid out to reflect room lights, providing sparkling background to the food.

Passing Shower

The design inspiration comes from “murasame,” a Japanese word meaning a rainfall that alternates between heavy and light showers.

The rain that falls on the dry ground instantly blurs into the ground and changes the color of the ground. The lines of the rainfall gradually become clear in the landscape.

The simple design consists only of straight lines in shades of gray to capture one moment of changing landscape.

Inquiries about Professional Collections

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