Primeval power of nature

Over the years, NARUMI’s designers have been devoted to expressing respect for nature through the organic forms and delicate reliefs of bone china. NARUMI’s nature-inspired collections are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and durable so that they can withstand heavy usage in large-scale outlets.


The design inspiration comes from the rhythms seen in natural landscapes, such as mountain ridges, ocean waves and strata. The designer began by imagining what it would be like if the earth were cut out and made into a plate. The rhythmical relief carved on the white bone china can become the best canvas for a chef.


Swaying motions, such as ocean waves and fluttering cloths, are incorporated into the organic curve of the collection. As the form is carefully designed to achieve the best balance of width and depth, the plate can be used widely and freely from its edge to the centre. It comes in different sizes to accommodate various cuisines.


The flow of music overlaps with the flow of water and is expressed by curved reliefs. The invisible motif is now visualized and allows people to feel the moment and space in which the music is played. The series of reliefs, of varying degrees of intensity, creates a rhythm over the plates and brightens up the table.


The bold relief evokes the ages of the earth since ancient times. It incorporates geological elements such as strata, soil, and stones and emphasizes the natural origin of the food. The dynamic expressiveness of Strata is ideal for highlighting a chef’s signature dishes.


The large whirlpool that makes up the entire plate represents the trails of meteors. It is interlinked with delicate reliefs, and the different expressions of light and shadow evoke the grandeur of the universe. The Esprit collection is one of NARUMI’s longest-selling, most popular collections for professional use and has been admired for its timeless beauty, range of sizes, and adaptability to any cuisine.

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