Use of Electronic Devices

Products without gold or platinum decoration can be used in a home microwave for warming purposes. Please do not heat products with gold or platinum decoration in a microwave as it may cause sparks, change of color or damage to the decoration. Some products with gold or platinum decoration use microwave-safe metal; please refer to the instructions on the product itself or in its attached leaflet. Please do not use a cracked product as it may break during heating. When using a microwave, please follow the machine’s instructions.

Please do not wash products with gold or platinum decoration in a dishwasher. Products without gold or platinum decoration can be washed in a home dishwasher, but could become cracked or chipped due to bumping other plates; their decoration could also fade or small scratches could develop on the surface if they are washed in a dishwasher frequently. Handwashing is recommended to retain the beauty of the product and to make it last longer. When using a dishwasher, please follow the machine’s instructions.

Please do not use NARUMI bone china in the oven.

Please do not use NARUMI bone china in toaster-ovens.

Care Instructions

We recommend melamine sponges. Please use them sparingly as they may damage the surface of bone china. Please also refrain from using them on gold or platinum decoration to avoid damage. Stubborn stains should be removed using a commercially available oxygen bleaching agent in the specified manner.

Limescale and metal marks from knives and forks should be removed using a liquid cleanser that is safe for the skin. When you use our plates, please avoid vigorous scrubbing with knives as such scratch marks cannot be removed.

Please use a pH-neutral cleaning agent and a soft sponge or cloth. Please do not use a metal scourer, abrasive nylon scourer or cleanser, as these may cause scratches on the surface or damage its decoration.

After washing, please dry thoroughly and store it in a place with low humidity. It is recommended to have a sheet of paper in between plates to prevent scratches caused by rubbing.

About Country of Origin

They are made in Japan or Indonesia.

The word “china” refers to chinaware in general. “NARUMI bone china” means “chinaware made by NARUMI.” It does not refer to the country of origin.

About Safety

NARUMI’s chinaware is fired at more than 1000°C (1832°F) in bisque firing and more than 700°C (1292°F) in decoration firing, thus there is no risk of environmental hormones being present.

Some color pigments may contain lead or cadmium but we take every precaution in production control to prevent the elution of lead or cadmium. We also conduct elution tests to confirm safety.

About Materials

Bone china is a type of chinaware. The name derives from its raw materials, which contain bone ash. Due to the tricalcium phosphate contained in bone ash, bone china has a smooth white surface, is translucent, and is more durable than normal porcelain. You can read more about bone china in this blog post

NARUMI bone china contains bone ash that originates from cows. It is a safe material that is a by-product of common products such as gelatin.

About Our Brand

NARUMI was founded in 1946 as a Narumi Chinaware Plant of Fuso Metal Industries Co., Ltd.

Please refer to a list of local dealers. If you cannot find a seller in your country, please send us an inquiry via the contact form. 

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