To be a respected company that is loved by the community and employees

NARUMI is committed to human resource management that gives employees a sense of fulfillment in life, supports their growth, and encourages them to take on challenges. First and foremost, we want to be a company whose employees are its biggest fans. We will continue to strive to be a better company in the area of well-being by sincerely addressing various issues such as diversity, work-life balance, human resources development and education, health and safety, and prevention of harassment. We are also committed to revitalizing the local community, and are always grateful for the support we receive from our neighbors.

Commitment to local communities and society

Factory tour and painting workshop

Our bone china factory in Mie offers factory tours and painting workshops. As part of the program, visitors can choose their favorite design and freely lay it out on chinaware. Our industrial devices factory in Nagoya also offers tours for local elementary school students. The tours are designed to help students understand what we make, how it is produced, and where it is used, through slideshows and exploration of the actual site. We will continue to provide opportunities for children and young students to see the manufacturing sites, which they would not normally have access to, with the hope that it will broaden their horizons as to what they may do in the future.

Family Day

Family Day is a workplace tour for the families of all NARUMI employees. This event is designed to deepen families’ understanding of the company’s business and manufacturing processes by inviting them to the office and factory. Always taking safety into consideration, the tour includes a wide variety of activities, such as presentations and experiments conducted by staff members from each workplace, and provides an opportunity for children to see their parents at work. We will continue to acknowledge the importance of family ties and strengthen relationships with the families of our employees.

Inauguration of the Women’s Empowerment Committee

The Women’s Empowerment Committee was launched in March 2022 with the aim to “build a future-oriented organization with new values of coming generations.” In order to become a rewarding company to work for and to achieve gender equality, we will further increase the number of women in managing roles and support their careers.

We also believe that women’s voices are indispensable for our tableware business as women are often the members of the household involved in tablescaping. We are making continued efforts to improve the work environment so that women can play an active role in a wide range of areas, including product planning, development, and sales.

NARUMI’s Three Sustainability Principles

To continue to be an earth-friendly company.

To address social issues and contribute to the development of food culture.

To be a respected company that is loved by the community and employees.

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