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Narumi Corporation and its subsidiaries (hereinafter “Narumi”) acknowledge the importance of privacy and regard its protection as our corporate social responsibility. Narumi shall comply with laws and corporate standards related to privacy protection and shall appropriately collect, use and control personal data. Narumi shall respect the privacy rights in accordance with its privacy standards and shall comply with laws related to personal data and privacy protection including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.


This privacy policy is set forth to manifest Narumi’s policy of processing customers’ personal data in the course of our provision of services.

Collection of personal data and its purposes

Definition of personal data:

Personal data refers to any information stipulated by law that are related to an identified or identifiable person such as name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number, email address, etc.

Purposes of using personal data:

  • To provide services and ship products as agreed and requested by customers
  • To send notices and direct mails to provide services to customers
  • For the improvement, development and marketing of our services
  • For campaigns, questionnaires and monitoring
  • To respond to opinions, requests and questions from customers
  • To investigate inappropriate use of services
Narumi utilizes personal data collected from customers for the above purposes and services. Narumi shall not collect personal data or use it for purposes not stated above without customers’ consent.

Control of personal data

Narumi pays careful attention to the following rules in controlling personal data.


We shall try to keep collected personal data as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Data safety

Narumi has a stringent corporate guideline for data protection.

Overseeing employees

Narumi strictly requires employees to comply with a corporate guideline for data protection.

Overseeing subcontractors

When Narumi subcontracts third parties to process personal data, we shall only contract with those who meet our data protection standards and shall appropriately oversee them to comply with our standards.

Retention and discard of personal data

Narumi shall set a retention period for personal data and discard the data after the set period. Even if it is within the period, we promptly discard it when it is no longer in need.

Online data collection

Narumi collects data related to users’ access history and usage on this website (hereinafter “Cookie information”) including identifiers such as IP addresses by using Cookies and other tracking techniques (e.g. web beacons).

Data analysis

Narumi statistically analyzes and utilizes Cookie information and usage history of users on this website in order to improve user experience. Narumi shall not use cookies for any other purposes. The statistical information does not include any information that may identify individuals such as name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number, etc.

Major tools Narumi uses to acquire and analyze information:

Narumi may acquire and analyze Cookie information by using tools listed below. The handling of information acquired by the tools and how to disable data transfer can be found in the website of the suppliers of the tools.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

The handling of acquired information by the suppliers of the tools

How to disable data transfer to the tools

Provision to third parties

Narumi will not share personal data with third parties unless:

  • The customer agrees.
  • Narumi’s subsidiaries use data for the purposes set out above.
  • Subcontractors need to use data for Narumi to achieve the purposes set out above.
  • It is required by law.

Disclosure, correction and erasure

If a customer requests disclosure, correction or erasure of personal data, we shall respond to the requests based on Narumi’s standards. Please contact the following person in charge for details.


Please contact below for our services and data protection policies.

Privacy Protection Officer / Narumi Corporation

Stipulated on 1, September 2006
Amended on 1, July 2019
Amended on 1, November 2020
Amended on 29, January 2021

Employee Privacy Policy


Your privacy is a top priority for Narumi Corporation, and its subsidiaries (hereinafter “Narumi”), and we make every reasonable effort to protect the personal information we hold about you. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is meant to help you understand what information we collect and use, and give you a right to access the information, to request a deletion of your information.

Collection of personal data

Narumi collects the following category of personal data from you:
– Identifiers: name, address, email address or other similar identifiers.
– Personal Information: name, address, telephone number, physical characteristics or description, passport number, driver’s license or identification card number, insurance policy number, education, employment, employment history, signature, bank account number, medical information, or health insurance information.
– Protected Classification Characteristics: age, race, color, national origin, citizenship, marital status, medical condition, physical or mental disability, sex (including gender, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy or childbirth and related medical conditions), veteran or military status.
– Professional or Employment Related Information: current or past job history or performance evaluations.
– Non-Public Education Information: education records directly related to a student maintained by an educational institution or party acting on its behalf, such as grades, transcripts, class lists, student schedules, student identification codes, student financial information, or student disciplinary records.

Narumi obtains the categories of Personal Information listed above from the following categories of sources:
– Directly from you. For example, from forms you complete or services we provide you.
– Indirectly from you. For example, from observing your actions.
– Third parties, including recruiters who submit your information to us for an employment position that may interest you and consumer reporting agencies for employment background checks.

Use of personal data

This information is used internally for the purpose of your employment at Narumi. Narumi will only process your personal data where we are permitted by law or required to do so, including where we must process personal data for your employment with us, where we have a legal obligation to do so as your employer, for legitimate business purposes, to protect your vital interests, or if we have your consent to do so. We may, though, have to process your personal data without your consent or knowledge, but only when required to do so by law.

Narumi will not collect additional categories of personal data or use the personal data we collected for materially different, unrelated, or incompatible purposes without prior notice.

Provision to third parties

Narumi will not share personal data with third parties. When it becomes necessary to share it with third parties, we will notify which information is shared for what purposes and provide information to third parties only upon your consent. Narumi may ask subcontractors to process personal data for the purposes set out above.

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments about this notice, the ways in which Narumi collects and uses your information described above and in the Employee Privacy Policy, please contact below.

Privacy Protection Officer Narumi Corporation

Stipulated on 1, September 2006
Amended on 1, July 2019
Amended on 1, November 2020
Amended on 29, January 2021

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