Respect for nature, attention to detail, and skillful craftsmanship—Japanese culture has much in common with the philosophy of culinary professionals. NARUMI incorporates this idea into tableware design to provide new inspirations for food presentation.

Harmony with Nature

The boundary between man-made and nature-made is often obscure in Japanese culture. Elements of nature are incorporated, arranged, and re-created to form a masterly work of art.

Beauty of the Margins

Japanese culture values “ma,” which refers to a pause in time or emptiness in space. You may be eating a finger-sized sushi, but its presentation expands beyond this. The space in between each piece and the margin of the plate are just as important as the careful making of the food itself.

Appreciation of subtlety

True beauty can be found in subtlety. Japanese culture has always been attentive to the momentary changes in nature and has incorporated the concept of subtlety into design. NARUMI utilizes a unique glazing technique to express the Japanese sense of beauty through variegated reactive glazes and calming color tones.

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