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The city of Narumi first appeared in the history of Japan in a poem composed by Yamato Takeru, a legendary prince of the first century. In the Kamakura period (1185-1333), Narumi was a hub on the route connecting Kyoto and Kamakura, and in the Edo period (1603-1867), it prospered as one of the 53 stations of Tokaido, which was a coastal route that ran from Edo to Kyoto.

The city had such a unique historical background when Nagoya Seito built a new factory of pottery in 1938. However, Sumitomo Metal Industries acquired the factory in 1943 and the ceramic manufacturing facilities were removed one after another.



In the remains of the factory where engineers discovered just a few pieces of cups and bowls, NARUMI was founded with the dream of providing a happier and richer dining experience. This was at a time when Japan was yet to see economic growth. While our competitors at the time were shifting their focus to fields such as tiles and sanitary ware, which were relatively easy to standardize for mass production, we clung to dinnerware, which required a high level of production skills. It was because we believed that a prosperous age should come when good-quality products make people’s lives happier and richer.


Commercialization of "Cook Master"

Utilizing the decoration techniques of chinaware production, super-heat-resistant crystallized glass was adapted for making kitchenware. The result was “Cook Master,” a heat-resistant cooking pot. It was an innovative cooking utensil that had excellent thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength, hardness, and electrical properties. The highly-skilled delicate printing on chinaware was successfully applied to glass materials, which became known as one of the major strengths of NARUMI’s production.


First to mass-produce bone china in Japan

Although NARUMI became admired for its beautiful shape and decoration, we knew we were on to something even better: bone china.

In those days, bone-china dinnerware was produced by just a few manufacturers in Europe. In Japan, it had only been produced by a small number of manufacturers in small runs. The technique for making a full set of dinnerware had not, at that point, been established in Japan; back then, all that could really be made from bone china were “one of a kind” figurines. The prevailing wisdom was that you would go bankrupt if you tried to produce bone china. Nevertheless, we endeavored to move beyond what we had already achieved. In 1965, we finally succeeded in mass producing bone china in Japan for the first time.


Luxury bone-china collection “Milano” launched

The Milano collection debuted in 1972 as a dinnerware collection for home use. It features a refined dynasty-style form with a graceful blue pattern. The plum flower, which has long been cherished as auspicious in Japan, is expressed in shades of indigo blue. It has become a standard of Western tableware in Japan and combines elegance and luxury. Since launching, in excess of 14 million pieces have been produced for the Milano collection. It has gained a strong fan base not only in Japan but also overseas, including in Europe, the United States, and other parts of Asia.



Bone-china collection specially designed for hotels and restaurants launched

Making full use of our high quality and mass production technology, we began selling dinnerware made of bone china for hotel and restaurant use. The thinness and durability of NARUMI Bone China became well-known among hoteliers of star-rated hotels and restaurants across the world. Our wide item rage was also highly appreciated; we were among the first to have a full-scale Chinese dinnerware collection made of bone china.


Mie Narumi (plant) established

In order to meet the growing demand for luxury bone china in Japan as well as overseas, we built a new integrated bone china production plant in Mie, Japan. It was one of the largest production facilities in Japan at the time, and the new decoration techniques obtained through its construction led to the development of “Clon de Muse,” a bone china collection of the highest quality using advanced decoration techniques.


First overseas office established

The first overseas sales office was established in Singapore, as well as a representative office in Hong Kong. It was a milestone in NARUMI’s endeavor to make our quality and services known to the world.


P.T. Narumi Indonesia (plant) established

We have established P.T. Narumi Indonesia as our overseas production base. With Japanese engineers stationed there, it has enabled us to dramatically increase the production capacity while maintaining the same quality as our products made in Japan.


Daily-use collection “Styles” introduced

The Styles collection was a breakthrough that overturned the notion that upscale dinnerware should consist of round plates and cups with luxurious decoration. The plain-white, square-shaped coupe plate amazingly matched with all kinds of dishes in any occasions from daily use to home parties.


Sales office established in China

We quickly responded to a change in Chinese law that allowed foreign capital to establish a company, and became one of the 200 foreign companies under the new system. Our vision for the happiness of dining together has reached the largest market in Asia.


Glass Works (GW) launched

“Simple and contemporary” is the design concept of Glass Works, NARUMI’s glassware brand. It makes most of the clear body of the glass and proposes a variety of items ranging from tableware to interior accessories.


Sales Office established in the United States

We have established a sales office in the United States, our first base outside of Asia. Our mission to bring moments of happiness and excellence in life will continue to travel from Japan to Asia and to the rest of the world.



We celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2021, and we continue to bring moments of happiness and excellence in life just as we promised in our foundation. In this world that keeps moving and changing, we will pursue excellence in everything we supply and wish for our customer’s happiness, whenever, forever.

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