Bone China Born from Eggshells

Eggs and bone-china dishes served on a table have something unexpected in common: both contain calcium.

After researching ways to replace the calcium contained in bone china with calcium carbonate derived from eggshells,
we succeeded in developing bone china that contains eggshells for up to 15%.

The New Future for NARUMI and Eggshells

We have developed functional calcium powder by processing eggshell waste disposed of by other industries in Aichi. We have applied our techniques cultivated through bone-china production such as crushing and firing to this new product with the aim of promoting a recycling-oriented society.

Bone china is the only material in the porcelain industry that is rich in calcium content (approximately 30%). While eggshells contain more than 90% calcium carbonate, there was no way to use them as they are because they also contain organic matter.

We have succeeded in processing eggshells to generate calcium that can be used as a raw material of bone china. We are currently working on further development of eggshell-derived applied products.

Our research is funded by the New Aichi Creative Research and Development Grant.

TW Eggshell Powder (Calcium Hydroxide)

Fine-quality calcium powder made from eggshells

In Japan, 260,000 tons of eggshells are discharged annually, most of which are disposed of. [From the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries survey of egg distribution statistics in 2020; 2.63 million tons (egg production) x 10% (eggshell ratio)]

Eggshells produced by hens whose feed is strictly controlled are stable form of calcium carbonate that can be found anywhere in Japan. Focusing on this high-quality calcium carbonate, we have researched various ways to recycle eggshells. The eggshell-derived calcium powder that is re-born from the waste is environmentally friendly and is expected to find a wide range of applications in fields such as industry and medicine.

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