Management Principles

Message from President

People’s happiness is the source of our corporate activities. We exist only because of our customers. We always consider everything from the standpoint of our customers. The purpose of our corporate activities is to provide superior products that satisfy our customers through sales, planning, development, and manufacturing of various ceramic-related products, including tableware centered on bone china, which is our core foundation, and to contribute to the improvement of life and culture through businesses that contribute to the joy and comfort of people’s daily lives.  We are deeply conscious of the fact that the source of our corporate activities is the happiness of people, and based on the normalization of human society, we aim to be a company that is worth working for, where workers can always think freely and maximize their creative abilities, while placing importance on maintaining the natural environment that supports human life.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Toshinari Fukui


“Treasured Whenever Forever”

With the technologies and design skills cultivated since our foundation, NARUMI brings moments of excellence and happiness to life. We pursue excellence in everything we supply and wish for our customer’s happiness, whenever, forever.

Core Value


NARUMI carefully nurtures the traditions cultivated through its history and delivers to its customers the splendor of things that have been handed down for a long time.


NARUMI will never lean on its tradition, but will always continue to challenge new areas.


NARUMI will carry out all activities with unchanging sincerity, wishing for the happiness of all of our customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees.


NARUMI will always strive to provide products and services with the highest quality control to gain greater satisfaction and empathy from our customers.


NARUMI will comprehensively consider the global environment, including environmental conservation, and will conduct corporate activities that are compatible with a recycling-oriented society.

Our story

NARUMI was the first company in Japan to successfully mass-produce bone china, a challenge that was considered extremely difficult at the time. As a pioneer of bone china, NARUMI has continued to produce high quality products with a strong commitment to the shape and color of bone china tableware, and has been highly evaluated in the market. This commitment to quality has also been passed on to other types of ceramics and glassware.

Our history


Nagoya Seito builds a new German-style ceramics factory in Narumi.


During the war, Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. acquired the Narumi Plant from Nagoya Ceramics Co.


After the war, the company was founded as Narumi Pottery Works of Fuso Metal Industries Ltd. and started the tableware business, which was a peaceful industry during the Nagoya pottery making era.


Established Narumi Corporation.


Succeeded in commercialization of “Cook Master”, a pot using the super heat-resistant glass material “Neoceram”, in cooperation with Nippon Electric Glass Co.


Obtained a patent for bone china raw material and succeeded in mass production for the first time in Japan.


Began exporting bone china dinner sets to the United States.


Began selling full-scale commercial tableware made of bone china.


Established Mie Narumi Co.


Began production of ultra-premium bone china “Clon de Muse”.


Established NARUMI SINGAPORE PTE LTD. as a sales base in Southeast Asia.


Established PT. NARUMI INDONESIA (overseas production base)


Consolidation of domestic production to Mie Narumi Co.


Began selling STYLES tableware for daily use.


Launched direct online store “e-NARUMI”.


Narumi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. established (China sales base)


Became independent from Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. through MBO (Management Buy-Out).


Started sales of glassware brand “GLASS WORKS NARUMI (GW)”.


PT. NARUMI INDONESIA second plant was acquired.


Shareholder change at Ishizuka Glass Co.


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding, the brand tagline was changed from “Encounter with good things” to “Good things, always and forever”.


NARUMI TABLEWARE USA, INC. established (U.S. sales base)


Established PT. NARUMI GLOBAL SUPPLY INDONESIA (sales base in Indonesia)


Established the Taiwan office of Nissho Narumi Co.

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