Management Principles

Message from President

People’s happiness is the source of our corporate activities. We exist only because of our customers. We always consider everything from the standpoint of our customers. The purpose of our corporate activities is to provide superior products that satisfy our customers through sales, planning, development, and manufacturing of various ceramic-related products, including tableware centered on bone china, which is our core foundation, and to contribute to the improvement of life and culture through businesses that contribute to the joy and comfort of people’s daily lives.  We are deeply conscious of the fact that the source of our corporate activities is the happiness of people, and based on the normalization of human society, we aim to be a company that is worth working for, where workers can always think freely and maximize their creative abilities, while placing importance on maintaining the natural environment that supports human life.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Toshinari Fukui


"Treasured Whenever Forever"

With the technologies and design skills cultivated since our foundation, NARUMI brings moments of excellence and happiness to life. We pursue excellence in everything we supply and wish for our customer’s happiness, whenever, forever.

Core Value


We carefully nurture the traditions we have developed throughout our history and serve our customers with the richness of heritage that has been handed down over the years.


We are never satisfied solely by our traditions, but will always venture into new areas.


We carry out all our activities with unchanging sincerity, hoping to ensure the happiness of all of our customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees.


We will always strive to provide products and services with the highest quality to continuously improve the satisfaction and support from our customers.


We consider the environment in all we do to develop and maintain sustainable business practices.

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