NARUMI’s classic collections are designed to fit modern dining scenes while keeping the tradition of Western tableware. Its elegance is ideal for special entertaining occasions.


Sweet delicate lace is designed around the plate rim. The combination of pink color and pearl decoration is suitable for celebration gifts too.


This historical pattern of NARUMI has been admired for nearly half a century. Blue plum flowers with gold accent will create sophisticated luxury on the table.


Roses and ribbons are expressed by embossed white. As the shining platinum on the edge is microwave safe, it is preferred by a wide range of users.


The shapes and patterns inspired by natural motifs have been a favorite of all ages. Please enjoy the beauty of delicate relief and tender colors.

Lucy’s Garden

The design image comes from the afternoon tea with fresh wild berries in an English garden. Wild berries are depicted on embossed relief which represents wickerwork basket.

Silky White

Small wild flowers are expressed by delicate relief. It is one of the oldest collections of NARUMI with a history of nearly half a century. It was awarded Good Design Award and Long Life Design Award of Japan.


Make your daily life colorful and happy. The vivid floral patterns inspired by the mosaic glasswork "millefiori" bring joy and happiness to your daily table.


New concepts of tableware are designed to match with ever-changing modern lifestyles. It is functional and suitable for a variety of meals.


The collection is for mature adults to enjoy quality tea time. It will create a relaxed atmosphere with its modern and simple design characterized by the unique embossment on surface that resembles shagreen (sharkskin).


The simple square shape serves as the amazing canvas for any meals. The collection has a variety of items to help you enjoy your own creative table setting.

Spring field

Simple, yet carefully designed Anemone flowers will add stylish beauty to your table. Thin, lightweight, and stackable, the collection comes in sizes perfect for a variety of meals to enjoy at home.

Tableware for Kids

NARUMI’s tableware for kids is carefully designed to ensure the safe and easy use by small children. It has a variety of options from daily-use plates to special gift sets.

Let's eat together!

Charming animals cheer up the children’s meal time. The material is “Technoceram,” reinforced heat resistant porcelain that is microwave and oven safe.


The design is based on the famous Grimm’s Fairy Tale that teaches the amazing power of working together and caring one another. The story progresses with illustrations depicted on each plate and bowl. Enjoy your meal with the unique musical band!

Crown Kids

A collection of bowls and chopsticks for daily Japanese food. It has received the Kids Design Award for its design that contributes to children's safety and growth.

License Collections

NARUMI’s new design world is born in collaboration with the world’s prestigious brands and artists. The creativity of each artist is fully expressed in the tableware.

Anna Emilia

Anna was born in Finland in 1983 and studied graphic design in Finland and Iceland. She uses natural motifs and draws seasons, sceneries and people.

Chihiro Iwasaki

Chihiro always drew pictures of children throughout her life. Her warm touches of drawings speak of the preciousness of life and peace.

Monica Forsberg

Monika is a Swedish designer/illustrator. The playful and fantastic world of her artwork has now become an exciting tableware collection.


“Simple and contemporary” is the design concept of NARUMI’s glassware. It makes most of the clear body of the glass and proposes a variety of items ranging from tableware to interior accessories.


It serves as stylish interior items as well as practical. It is ideal for corporate and individual gifts.

Drinking Ware

Uniquely-cut glassware of varying colors produces luxurious moments.

Interior Items

The clear and solid characteristics of optical glass are utilized in a wide range of items including flower vases and picture frames.
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